Why do I use Micronutrients in my practice?

Why do I use Micronutrients?

Micronutrients are a technical term that refers to all vitamins and biologically active minerals required in trace amounts.  Included are amino acids and essential fatty acids.  Dietary intake of micronutrients must be maintained at nutritionally sufficient levels in order to maintain biological function and general health, both physical and mental.

Micronutrients play a role in virtually every biological, chemical, and physiological process.

Some of the most common micronutrient deficiencies worldwide are iodine, iron, vitamin A, folate and zinc.

Children and pregnant mothers are considered particularly vulnerable to micronutrient deficiencies, and micronutrient deficiencies can have profound effects on physical growth and brain development.

Minerals and vitamins assist as cofactors in enzymatic reactions and many enzymes require several cofactors.  Minerals, in addition to function as co-factors, are also a structural part of some of some enzymes. (For e.g.: Iodine in thyroid hormone, magnesium and zinc in the formation of a certain polymer, especially in DNA or RNA).  Enzymes are involved in neurotransmitter metabolism.  Neurotransmitters were once called neuro hormones.  The neurotransmitter Serotonin can be called our feel good or happy hormone and at night turns into Melatonin the rest, recuperation and anti-aging hormone.  It also regulates body clock.  The neurotransmitter Dopamine helps; to communicate feelings of bliss and pleasure, to focus, controlled motor movements, and appetite control.

So in essence these neurotransmitters or neuro-hormones can dictate how you feel on a daily bases.  So it is absolutely critical that you have a sufficient supply of these neurotransmitters.

Why do I have to take a micronutrient formula or supplement?  Won’t I get enough from my food?

There are environmental factors that affect nutrient supply in our foods.  One of them is the content of our soil.  Over the years the soil has lost a good portion of its nutrient content due to over-farming, and pesticides. The soil is replenished with nitrogen and phosphorus, but not with trace minerals and vitamins that are essential in our diets. Vegetarians may not be getting enough protein so would need a broad-spectrum amino acid formula just to make sure that they are getting enough protein.  The research is showing that the population (including California) doesn’t get enough Vitamin D.  Working indoors, lack of recreation outdoors, illness, and being bed-ridden can play a role in this. The use of the pesticides and herbicides often contain glyphosates that chelate certain minerals and reduce their bioavailability in the soil.

Stress also depletes us of nutrients.  It is critical that during periods of stress micronutrients levels be increased.

In my center I have a whole-systems healing model.  We address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of each individual.

When adequate levels of nutrients are present in the body and we are experiencing well-being we are better able to release emotional and mental baggage that stores not only in our bodies but in our energetic fields.  We are able to release limiting beliefs about ourselves (i.e.:  I am not good enough.  I am not lovable, and I don’t deserve anything).  Traumas are processed and healed. As past issues are release and healed we feel lighter. Our spirit shins through and radiates from us. We look and feel younger.  We return to our state of “wholeness”.

It is from this state of “wholeness” that we remember who we really are, what we came here to do, and a return to our divine nature.  We create and live life from the heart----as we were meant to.


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