Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is a thoroughly contemporary approach for keeping yourself healthy and vital in addition to keeping your body fit and feeling young. By naturally stimulating the endocrine system, immediate results can be felt in the form of increased energy, vitality and total rejuvenation.

To heal means to become whole or to bring together that which has been separated. Illness or dis-ease is caused by an imbalance of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Healing is our birthright; everyone deserves to experience joy, well-being and wholeness - whether it is physical, emotional mental or spiritual. It is a journey each of us takes to re-discover our true selves.

Energy healing can rapidly transform disease, heal emotional pain and restore balance. This imbalance is a result of forgetting who we truly are as spiritual beings and can eventually lead to physical and emotional disorders. True healing results from reconnecting the dis-eased state back to its true nature. Illness is a doorway for that spiritual transformation to occur.

The Language of Energy

Everything is made of energy. Every living organism, plant, animal and material substance has it's own unique "signature pattern" of vibration and movement that can be perceived and felt. In the living body, each electron, atom, chemical bond, molecule, cell tissue and organ has its own vibration, or rate of speed, organized into fields that permeate the entire structure.

It is our "energy signature" that draws us to some people and causes us to withdraw from others.  Our thoughts and emotions also have a vibratory rate, and can be perceived as having shape or form.  Likewise, every disease or disorder has its unique consciousness level or energy pattern that can be perceived in the energy field of the body.

How We Heal

The "true self" is that part of our being that holds the template or energetic pattern of our divine essence, health and vitality. It guides us through our soul's progression and life journey, and holds the infinite wisdom of the universe. It is not separate from us; it is a part of us as we are part of the whole.

Disease is the body's way of telling us, "look here!" "This is the place where I am sick or blocked." Disease points out an imbalance between the essence qualities of the true self and what is being reflected. From a soul or energetic perspective, full power is having 100 percent of your energy available to you. That is vitality. When there is less, that portion of the energy has been displaced. These are the energies that are cut off from the true self.

  It is through the art of advanced intuitive hands-on healing techniques, energies can shift and change.  Emotional wounds, beliefs and traumas open and begin to release blocked energy that has been held in a particular area of the body.  This brings wholeness back to the physical body from a cellular level.  Pain and inflammation often disappear, and subsequent relief is felt both physically and emotionally, and at the deepest levels soul lessons are learned and this empowers individuals for taking responsibility for their own healing.

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