Carol Banyas M.D., Ph.D.

Carol Banyas, M.D., Ph.D., is a unique physician, therapist, teacher and healer. She has dedicated her life and career to practicing traditional, eastern and functional medicine with a focus on natural supplementation that caters to natural healing, longevity and resilience of the human body. She is a pioneer in a new paradigm of healing in the Psychiatric, Medical and Psycho-therapeutic communities by synthesizing traditional medical understandings with the deeper cause of disease.

She is sought after for her highly developed sense of intuition and clarity into the energetic realms, which bring forth a profound understanding of spiritual healing. Her gift, as a healer, has not only expanded her role beyond conventional therapies, but has lead her to further explore the underlying elements of healing in cases of catastrophic and life threatening illnesses.

Dr. Banyas believes that people must be given back the power to take charge of their own well being- a power that is often taken from them by systems of healthcare which foster dependence. It has been traditionally thought that people should depend on doctors to do their healing. In this new paradigm, the healer becomes more like a spiritual guide, showing the potential routes to wellness, enabled by their own innate resources of healing, knowledge and inner wisdom.


Specializing in safe, effective, chemical-free ways to
promote your body's self-healing abilities.


Services Offered

  • Integrative Psychiatry
  • Micronutrients and Supplements - Natural Mental Health Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy for Men and Women
  • Age Management
  • Thyroid, Adrenal and GI Balancing
  • Energy Medicine
  • Hands on Healing
  • Tesla Energy Lights
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Specialized Testing

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